Stormy Daniels comes out as bisexual

Stormy Daniels holds a press conference after leaving federal court on April 16, 2018, in New York.Photo: JStone/Shutterstock

During an often-heated back and forth that started with with Fox personality Tomi Lahren, Stormy Daniels confirmed that she is bisexual, bragging about her sexual prowess in the process.

Lahren had initially been feuding with Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, who was critical of the President serving a banquet of fast food to the Clemson Tigers football team after their National Championship victory.

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After another Twitter user brought Daniels herself into the conversation, the porn star who Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid $130,000 in “hush money” to on behalf of the then-presidential candidate, she gave a sharp-witted response with more than an just a hint of a sexual overtone.

After a Twitter user, @BoroPark, questioned Daniels’ sexuality, the porn star clarified her sexual interests, saying, “It’s called bisexual.”

At that point, @BoroPark went on the offensive, trying to declare that Daniels’ would be too disgusting” for any woman to have sex with. Daniels once again responded in characteristic fashion. 

There has been no further statement from Daniels as of now.

She had a choice after her daughter came out. Her child or her church.

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