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This celebrity went on a nutty rant about gender neutral bathrooms. Twitter cracked up.

Kaya Jones
Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

Former Pussycat Dolls member and current arch-conservative Kaya Jones has drawn criticism for a series of transphobic tweets.

Jones’s Twitter feed is mostly about how much she hates liberals and supports conservative politics.

On Saturday she posted a strange video of the sign on what appears to be a public restroom. The sign said that the restroom, which may have been a single-user room, is gender-neutral.

Which is scary. If you didn’t know that was scary, Jones did the zoom in-and-out thing with her camera and wrote “How would you feel about your child using this bathroom?”

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This led to a lot of jokes on Twitter.

But that wasn’t it for Jones. She tweeted that she was “true warrior for my gender,” even though, uh, she’s a Trump supporter.

After that, she was “just curious” about something that she clearly has a strong opinion about.

Jones is the Native American Ambassador on the National Diversity Coalition for Trump.

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