Ellen is the second highest paid TV star… but guess who earned a lot more

Ellen Degeneres in a T-shirt that reads "WE ARE ALL DREAMERS"
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Ellen Degeneres was the second highest paid TV star in 2018.

In 2017, she came in second place on Forbes magazine’s list of the world’s top-earning TV entertainers, just behind Phil McGraw.

This year, Judith Sheindlin – aka Judge Judy – jumped from #7 to the #1 spot because she sold the rights to her 5200 shows to CBS for $100 million. Ellen beat Dr. Phil, who was in third place this year.

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The list is dominated by daytime TV personalities because ratings are higher for daytime TV and because advertisers value consumers who have the time to watch TV during the day, because they also have the time to shop.

Here’s Forbes magazine’s top 5 earners.

1. Judith Sheindlin – $147 million

2. Ellen Degeneres – $88 million

3. Phil McGraw – $78 million

4. Ryan Seacrest – $74 million

5. Steve Harvey – $44 million

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