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Barbra Streisand is calling LGBTQ people & urging them to go vote

A robocall featuring Barbra Streisand is targeting LGBTQ people and urging them to go vote.Photo: GLAAD

A recorded message from Barbra Streisand is telling people to go vote.

GLAAD is calling its members and supporters and playing them the Streisand message.

Hi, this is Barbra Streisand.

Tuesday is a critical election for LGBTQ people and all marginalized communities. And I’m working with GLAAD to help ensure the largest turnout ever of LGBTQ and ally voters in a midterm election.

Tomorrow, I hope you will join me at the polls to send a strong message that America is better when we stand together. Go to GLAAD.org/vote to get information about how to vote in your state, and let’s make history together.

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