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Only one city is willing to host the Republican convention in 2020. Guess which one.

Only one city is willing to host the Republican convention in 2020. Guess which one.

City after city is turning down the “opportunity” to host the 2020 Republican National Convention where President Trump is expected to be nominated for a second term. If he survives that long without being impeached, of course.

One brave city, in a southern state known for anti-LGBT discrimination and racism, is willing to put out the welcome mat for bigots, deplorables, sexists, and all-around nasty people.

Charlotte, North Carolina.

While the GOP has done direct outreach to some cities, so far only three have shown any interest and only Charlotte is willing to publicly admit it. Las Vegas, San Antonio, Nashville, and Philadelphia have all declined the “opportunity” to host the convention.

Many of the cities are citing security concerns for their reluctance to bid for the event. While right wing extremists, neo-Nazis, and domestic terrorists are associated with the GOP now, Republicans are blaming potential protests by liberals as the reason they’re being turned away.

“Most of the cities that have turned down the RNC are Democratic cities,” Republican strategist Evan Siegfried told The Hill.

“Their leaders do not want to suffer blowback with their residents for hosting Trump and neither do they want to have local business owners angry because protestors smashed their store windows.”

Charlotte hosted the 2012 Democrat National Convention and was widely panned as one of the worst hosts for the event. Issues with poor public transportation, the lack of nearby hotel space, and difficulties accessing the convention were common.

Democrats have invited Atlanta, Birmingham, Denver, Houston, Miami Beach, Milwaukee, New York and San Francisco to bid for their convention.

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