These gay dads had an adorable surprise for passengers on their flight home

The goodie bag
The goodie bag Photo: Twitter/@Lojeramie

Niall Horan of the boy band One Direction tweeted about an adorable surprise he had on a transatlantic flight.

He found a “goodie bag” and a note from two dads on his seat, which said that they were on the flight with their 18-day-old baby.

Hi Stranger

My name is Marit. Today I’m 18 days old. I’m flying home to europe with my dads. This is my first flight ever. I will do my utmost to be on my best behaviour to ensure that you have a peaceful flight.

I would like to apologize in advance if – I for any reason loose my cool, my temper, my ears hurt or my tummy gets fussy. I think my dads are more nervous than I am, so they made you this goodiebag.

Have a great flight.

“Marit was quiet as a mouse for 10 hours,” Horan tweeted.

People responded on Twitter asking the most pertinent question: what was in the bag? Someone else had a picture.

Lindt chocolates and rochers? Not a bad goodie bag.

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