Here are the 10 most popular gender-nuetral baby names

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Here are top ten most popular gender-nuetral baby names according to a new study. The percentage American children with a unisex name is steadily increasing. In 1880, only 9% of babies were given a unisex name while that number had grown to 15% in 2016.

Graph showing the steady increase in gender-nuetral

The percentage of gender-nuetral names is steadily increasing

One interesting note: The use of Willie as both a boy’s and girl’s name has dropped dramatically since the early 60’s. Because it was so frequently used before that though, it retains the top spot as the most popular gender-nuetral name in America.

  1. Willie
  2. Kelly
  3. Terry
  4. Jordan
  5. Taylor
  6. Alexis
  7. Leslie
  8. Jamie
  9. Shannon
  10. Shawn

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