Adam Rippon’s Olympic performance won him a bronze medal & America’s heart

adam rippon
Photo: Instagram

Figure skater Adam Rippon scored in third place in the men’s freestyle part of the team figure skating event this weekend, and the U.S. team took home the bronze medal overall.

Rippon, 28, performed in his Olympic debut early Monday morning (Sunday night in the US) in a glittery outfit.

Right after his performance, he told NBC, “I want to throw up, I want to go over to the judges and say ‘can I just have a Xanax and a quick drink?’”

Former Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir said that Rippon was “spellbinding.”

“I’m a little bit taken aback as to why he’s in second place,” Weir said. Rippon was in second place right after his performance. He finished behind Canada’s Patrick Chan and second-place finisher Mikhail Kolyada from Russia, who both fell.

OutSports‘s Cyd Zeigler said that Rippon needed to include quad jumps in his routine to score higher.

It didn’t matter to fans on Twitter, who were loving Rippon’s performance.

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