Trans actress Jen Richards lost a role because of Louis CK’s sexual harassment

Trans actress Jen Richards lost a role because of Louis CK’s sexual harassment
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Actress Jen Richards, known for her Emmy Award-nominated series Her Story and her appearance on the CMT drama Nashville, said that she was one of the stars of The Cops, an upcoming animated series that was co-created and co-starred comedian Louis C.K.

The Cops is an animated show that would have debuted in 2018 on TBS. It was canceled following a New York Times story from Thursday in which five women accused C.K. of masturbating in front of them, on the phone with them, or asking if he could. In a statement on Friday, C.K. said that the women’s stories are true and expressed remorse for his actions.

Richards said on Twitter that she would have played a trans character on The Cops had it not been canceled.

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She followed that tweet by saying that she generally supports increased punishment of sexual harassers.

Even though the show has not yet been made, if it’s based on a concept co-created by C.K., then he would have been credited in every episode. Eliminating him from the cast would not have been a simple solution for TBS if they wanted to distance themselves from him.

What TBS could do to decrease the collateral damage here would be to give C.K.’s time slot to a project created by someone who isn’t a straight, white, cis man.

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