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Radio host defends Roy Moore by claiming Hillary & Obama were secretly gay

Radio host defends Roy Moore by claiming Hillary & Obama were secretly gay
Tin foil hats are standard equipment for conspiracy theorists (or so we've heard from reliable sources, of course).Photo: Shutterstock

You just can’t make this stuff up. The religious right and conservative extremists are up in arms after Alabama senate candidate (and twice removed state supreme court justice) Roy Moore was accused by multiple women of sexual assault and harassment, but radio host Wayne Allyn Root is kicking things up a notch or twelve.

Root rejects the allegations against Moore, saying it is a media witch hunt and musing why the mainstream press didn’t “investigate” conspiracy claims that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were both secretly gay.

“They’re scumbags,” Root said of Moore’s critics. He added that the accusers “were beautiful young girls and they could have passed for 20” so if Moore “hit on a couple of them,” it isn’t a big deal.

“Where is the Washington Post to dig into Hillary Clinton’s background?” Root asked. “Where are the women Hillary’s dated all these years? How come they don’t come forward? Where are they? Everybody knows about them.”

“I’ve heard the rumors about Bathhouse Barry,” he said. “Everyone has. Bathhouse Barry, well known in Chicago. By the way, not a rumor from a stranger I don’t know, rumors from my friends in Chicago, who are people in the know who tell me Barack Obama has a sordid past.”

Listen to audio of Root’s nonsense below courtesy of our friends at Right Wing Watch.

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