Watch college students drown out an anti-LGBT street preacher by singing an Elvis song

antigay preacher elvis song
Students at UMaine drown out an antigay preacher with a song of love. Photo: Facebook/Matt McAllister

Students at the University of Maine stood up to an anti-LGBTQ street preacher on their campus by drowning him out with a song of love.

Student Matt McAllister posted videos of the students confronting the preacher, as well as questioning a police officer telling them to give him space.

The incident happened last week, at the start of the school’s Coming Out Week celebrations, reports the Bangor Daily News.

In the first video, students are seen telling the preacher “there is no place for hate” on their campus, while one holds a sign reading, “God Is Gay!” over his homophobic banner.

At one point they chant, “Leave our school!”

The officer can be seen in the second video. A student asks why he is allowed to be on campus, and is told, “He has a permit, and it’s a free speech zone.”

The preacher also tells the students to back up, and tells the female students, “I’m already married, girls, so you can’t have me.”

Then, something beautiful happens, they change tactics and decide the solution is to counter instead with song. 

So they harmonize Elvis’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” and sound damn good doing it. The preacher stands there, stunned into silence.

Listen below.

Now that’s how it’s done!


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