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Twitter isn’t having Caitlyn Jenner’s latest complaint about Trump

Twitter isn’t having Caitlyn Jenner’s latest complaint about Trump
Caitlyn Jenner appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" in July and said she still supported Trump.Photo: Screenshot/YouTube

Last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued guidance to the Department of Justice that effectively removed discrimination protections for transgender people.

So Caitlyn Jenner tweeted about it.

That tweet currently has over 5000 responses, almost uniformly making fun of her for having both voted for Donald Trump and vocally supporting his candidacy. Even as recently as July, she was still saying that she supported Trump.

Some people accused her of only being concerned with her taxes, a reference to how Republicans support reducing taxes for rich people… like Caitlyn Jenner.

Others pointed to her lack of empathy. Trump attacked other minority groups viciously during his campaign, which Jenner presumably didn’t think was a “disgrace.”

One person said that she only cared about “LGBTQ,” which I’m not sure about. It’s possible that if the Trump Administration only went after gay, lesbian, and bisexual people’s rights she wouldn’t care all that much either.

But most of the focus was on how she should not be surprised. The Republican party is beholden to the Religious Right, the Religious Right doesn’t like LGBTQ people, and it was obvious to anyone paying attention that Trump would have a pretty typical Republican administration when it came to appointees, executive orders, and signing legislation.

While I usually like it when people come around to see that they were wrong, Jenner hasn’t done that. She is still treating the Trump Administration’s anti-trans policies like they are bizarre anomalies for the Republican party instead of their bread and butter.

That’s not good enough. She hasn’t even said that she won’t vote Republican in 2018… or for Trump again in 2020.

The election was serious and Republican policies are going to hurt a lot of people. It’s understandable that people don’t want to hear her complain after she was so proudly complicit in putting Trump in the White House.

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