It takes a lot of courage to be your true self, so we wanted to know about you

It takes a lot of courage to be your true self, so we wanted to know about you
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When you are being told that who they are is fundamentally wrong, it takes a lot of courage to be your true self. During LGBTQ History Month we’ve featured several inspiring people who have embodied the concept of pride, but we wanted to know what inspired you.

We recently asked our followers on Facebook what makes them proud, check out what people said…

“I’m proud of my son. He came out when he was 15 years old. Had to be very scary for him. He met the love of his life and got married. His husband is active duty military. My son decided one day he wanted to try performing in drag. Again had to be very scary to put yourself out there like that. He is killing it! He’s more confident and is having a blast doing.” – Jaxx Davis-Sewell

“I’m so proud of my lil group of teens and young adults in the lgbtq+ youth group I facilitate in a very rural, conservative area in Northern California. We don’t have much in way of acceptance or support, funds, or even a permanent space – but they rock it at being themselves, supporting each other, and accepting all for our support groups and our awesome activities / events just for them!” – Ameya Scanlon

“I am proud because I survived and helped LGBTQ+ people achieve mire freedom than we have ever had. I came out in 1970, Stonewall was less than a year old. Even though we have so much further to go, we have come really far. Not sure I always believed we would accomplish what we DID accomplish. Now I KNOW that all of our goals WILL be achieved.” – Noel Medaille

“I’m proud of our community. We fought for the right to marry and continue to stand up for our rights. We have made history and paved the way for generations to follow. I’ve been with my wife for 20 years, 9 years married.” – Linda Gable-Kish 

“What makes me proud? That by being an ally and an advocate, I have the pleasure of watching people be whom they want and smile when I see two people in love that don’t get shunned like lepers. That we are pushing to alleviate the ignorance by providing education. That people have the right to show their love publicly without being shamed.” – Dorothy Parker

“I’m proud that after many years and life’s challenges I have a few good people in my life that I trust, love, and respect. They make me a better person, and I take great pride in knowing they love me.” – Christopher Weidenhammer

“Watching how compassionate and loving my 4 year old son (unashamed walking down the street in his bright punk tutu dress at least two days every week. I’m constantly washing it) is to every single solitary person he meets and knowing that he learned that from the modeling of the grown ups in his little world, makes me feel proud to know that I am one and have surrounded myself with the RIGHT kind of humans in this world.” – Brenda Pappas

“Despite all the crap out there, not only have I survived, I have found a voice advocating and speaking for queer inclusion, rights and equality. I have transitioned, and pass well, but I am open about being trans and a constant presence as such in my town and state.” – Cass Martineau

“I’m proud that I am still around to see changes that I would not have dreamed of. To see so many young people involved and participate in pride march (vic) and Mardi Gras is awesome. For many people, the 80s were a shocking time and I still carry a lot of hurt from that time but just seeing how the community has grown and is still around make me so proud of the little bit that I did and the enormous gratitude to all the other people that have put their time and effort into the community xx” – Peter Austin

“I am Proud of everyone who stands with us. From Ellen, to the people working our hotlines. God Bless All Of You.” – John Prusaitis

These are just a few of the examples of what makes our followers proud, click below to read more:

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