Man calls being gay an evil disorder on his resume then sues for discimination

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A man in Ireland who thought his antigay and anti-abortion stance were fitting “achievements” for his resume has lost his discrimination case.

Mark Savage of Dublin sued advisers Seetec Employment and Skills Ireland, who warned him that listing his conservative politics on his resume would likely hurt his chances of employment.

“Standing up for and defending my religious beliefs which include that abortion on demand is evil and homosexuality is an intrinsic disorder inclined towards evil,” Savage put down under “key achievements.”

Savage claimed religious discrimination, but Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) Adjudication Officer Ian Barrett found that Savage could not prove his case.

WRC argued that they simply informed Savage that the inclusion of politics on his resume could work against him, as is the purpose of their professional services. Further, the company claims it never told Savage he had to remove the wording.

Earlier this year, an Irish commission determined a bakery that declined a request to make a cake featuring an antigay message was not guilty of discrimination.

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