Adorable kids of gay dads tell us why they love their families in heartwarming video

kids gay dads
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Get ready to have every single one of the feels, because this video featuring the two adorable kids of gay dads is almost too cute and perfect to handle.

Four-year-old Álvaro and two-year-old Carmen share why they love their family, and from the joy they express it is clear to see they have plenty of reason to be happy.

Peek A Boo!!

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Fathers Manuel and Bud are sharing their story with the world through their Two Gay Papas YouTube channel, and through social media. The family lives in Spain, but also gets back to the United States, where Bud originates, to visit grandma and grandpa.

“We are a super happy family,” Álvaro says. “And we laugh a lot.”

“I love my family,” Carmen says.

“Very, very, very much,” her brother adds.

“There are many times of families,” he continues. “Some families have a mom and a dad. Others, two moms. Others, two dads. Or only a mom, or only a dad.”

He says he wants “visibility for our families,” and he is done with homophobia.

“Respect my family,” he says, waving a finger.

Amen, Álvaro! Tell it!

This video stands as a beautiful reminder that, as it states at the end, “Love makes a family.”

There is obviously an awful lot of love in this family.

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