Kiss cam video shows love has no labels and knows no discrimination

kiss cam Orlando survivor
Photo: YouTube screenshot, Ad Council

Kiss cams are a tradition at sporting events that often provoke adorable moments. Chances are you have never seen a kiss cam video quite as uplifting as this one, however.

The ad council has developed a series of videos promoting diversity and inclusion under the title “Love Has No Labels,” and its latest, called “Fans of Love,” is a real tearjerker.

The spot was filmed at the 2017 NFL Pro Bowl in Orlando and features partners, friends, family, and even mascots, kissing and embracing, demonstrating that, “Love has no age, love has no gender, love has no disability and love has no race.”

Toward the end of the video, an individual with a shirt proclaiming they are a survivor of the shooting at the Pulse nightclub stands and kisses their partner to the roar of applause from the crowd.

Watch the video below, and be prepared to get emotional.

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