Anderson Cooper: Trump ‘watches me on CNN probably more than my mom’

Anderson Cooper: Trump ‘watches me on CNN probably more than my mom’
Photo: NBC

CNN’s most prominent out anchor is very aware one of his most loyal viewers is none other than the President of the United States.

Anderson Cooper told Seth Meyers Tuesday on his Late Night talk show on NBC that even though Donald Trump frequently calls the network “fake news,” there’s no doubt in his mind the Commander in Chief still watches him and the Time Warner-owned network on a regular basis.

“He watches CNN all the time, this is not in dispute at all,” said Cooper.

“He has texted about people I am interviewing while I am interviewing them,” Cooper revealed. “He would do that during the campaign.” And he said he’s been told the TV sets in Trump’s offices are also usually tuned in to CNN as well.

Trump “watches me on CNN probably more than my mom watches me on CNN,” said Cooper. Isn’t that sort of… odd, wondered Meyers and Cooper.

“At a certain point you would think, like, there’s gotta be something more important going on for the president to be doing than flicking around the shows,” Cooper told Meyers. “But, I don’t know.”

Watch the clip from Late Night, below:

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