Michele Bachmann: Gays, Muslims, BLM are working together to bring down America

Michele Bachmann: Gays, Muslims, BLM are working together to bring down America
Michele Bachmann Photo: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Former congresswoman Michele Bachmann and blogger Cheri Berens spoke with WorldNetDaily editor Garth Kant in an interview published this week, in which conspiracy theories abound.

Both Bachmann and Berens promoted the idea that the Women’s March on Washington was a radical Islamist plot to bring down America according to Right Wing Watch.

“People understand Islam abhors homosexuality, yet they often join forces in protests with gay activists,” Bachmann said, explaining that, “Black Lives Matters, the gay agenda, as well as Islamic supremacism, all seek domination over American freedoms.”

“They cannot reach their aims separately, but they can realize the fall of individual liberties if they work together. Once liberties fall, the groups break with each other in a race to impose their particular views on the American populace,” Bachmann argued.

“Causing liberties to fall is a long-term project, and they will use whatever allies they can get to realize that phase of their goals.”

Which liberties Bachmann was referring to are left unnamed, although one imagines they do not include women’s reproductive rights, LGBTQ equality, religious freedoms for non-Christians, and racial justice.

women's march on washington
Crowd at the Women’s March on Washington. Jose Luis Magana, AP

Berens claimed that the pro-choice rights aspect of the demonstration was also part of a plot by Muslims.

“They want American women to have abortions,” she claimed. “They want the non-Muslim population to be stagnant while the Muslim population grows. Numbers mean power.”

Berens added that “abortions are illegal in Islam and no Muslim woman would dare have one,” which is not an accurate statement.

“Very powerful Muslim Brotherhood organizations helped organize and promote this event targeting very specific groups,” Berens asserted.

A post to her website, called “Women’s March for Islam,” Berens expounds on these ideas.

After claiming the march wasn’t about Trump, she writes that she “follows over 100 Muslim Brotherhood groups in America and also several of their most powerful activists” and that they were all promoting the march.

Bachmann recently said she hopes President Trump can reverse the “ungodly” and “evil” gay agenda.

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