Extortionists are using gay hookup apps to find blackmail victims

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The AIDS Action Council in Australia is warning gay men that extortionists are using gay hook-up apps like Grindr.

According to AIDS Action Council president Philippa Moss, how the scam usually works is that the extortionist and the victim meet up in real life, and the extortionist threatens to reveal the victim’s sexuality publicly if not paid money.

“There has been some indication of potentially meeting them and then beating them,” Moss told ABC News.

The organization contacted police after 2 men in Canberra reported being victims of this scam. It is not known how many other people have been victims but have not reported it out of fear.

“[They said] they’re going to exploit them, if they don’t give them money they’re going to tell their friends and family what they’re doing,” Moss said.

Moss encourages victims to report the crimes anonymously.

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