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Bryan Fischer thinks single-use bathrooms give trans people ‘special rights’

Bryan Fischer apparently needs potty training, given his recent pronouncement that single-use bathrooms — typically used by disabled people, parents changing diapers, and transgender people — provide “special rights” to trans folks.

“You get your own private bathroom with privacy that nobody else gets.”

Actually, no, as Right Wing Watch reported.

On the December 21st edition of Fischer’s radio show, a listener suggested the debate over which facilities transgender people should use could be solved easily if businesses simply added single-stall unisex bathrooms.

Fischer agreed, but then went on a rant about “special rights.”

“They’re not getting the same treatment,” Fischer said, “they’re getting special treatment. They’re a tiny little slice of the population, they’re going to have a bathroom facility that’s reserved exclusively for them. Sexually normal people don’t have that; that’s a special deal. That’s not equal rights, that’s special rights. You get your own private bathroom with privacy that nobody else gets.”

Since then, Fischer tweeted a congratulatory note to a federal judge in Texas who put a freeze on the Affordable Care Act protections for trans Americans and women seeking abortions, that were set to go into effect on January 1st.

Watch the exchange about what Fischer calls “special rights” in the video from RWW, below.

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