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A Texas Congressman is having weeklong meltdown on par with Trump

Donald Trump isn’t the only Republican politician letting all his crazy hang out this week. Louie Gohmert, a Republican congressman out of Texas who supports Trump, has been floating some wild theories.

Same-same marriage will bring about another great flood 

Gohmert started the week by hosting the “Point of View” radio show, where he interviewed conservative activist Janet Porter about her antigay movie “Light Wins.”

Gohmert talks about a portion of the movie where Porter claims the great flood as told in the Noah’s ark story was caused by same-sex marriage, which she claims was authorized as marriage at that time.

“We know homosexuality was widespread in Greece and Rome and Babylon and especially in Sodom and Gomorrah but that’s a little scary that it wasn’t legal except before the flood,” Gohmert said.

Porter then went on to argue that if Hillary Clinton becomes president and continues to push for LGBTQ rights, we may face a similar crisis.

“This was the issue that led to the flood, and that this will be a sign of what’s to come that ‘as it was in the days of Noah so it will be in the coming of the Son of Man.’ If we don’t correct this we, then we are crying out for judgment, we are crying out for the end of the world as we know it,” Porter said.

Clinton presidency will lead to jailing Christians

He also suggested that if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency he will wind up behind bars.

“I don’t have any delusions that if we have a Republican majority the House and even if we had it in the Senate and Hillary’s elected, she changes the Supreme Court and you and I might be sharing a jail cell for the biblical basis that we have and the approach we have,” he said. “It’s going to be bad news for America. I think our religious freedom will be gone at that point.”

He said the GOP needs to stay unified and remain committed to “saving America” by electing Trump.

Molestation causes boys to become gay nearly every time

The following day while guest hosting the program again, he claimed that boys who are molested by men end up gay almost all of the time.

“As a judge handling thousands of felony cases here in Texas, it seemed interesting to me that so often when it was a case of an adult man being charged with molesting a young boy, that the boys just seemed like, universally, they ended up feeling that they were gay,” he said. “And I was a bit perplexed by that, that gee, a kid would be molested and he goes on to think he’s gay the rest of his life when it seems like maybe that was not necessarily the road he was going down until the adult molester stepped in.”

This was during an interview with Walt Heyer, who says he is an ex-transgender woman who transitioned back to being a man.

Bill Clinton to blame for Trump Tape

He also appeared on Fox News Tuesday, where he blamed Donald Trump boating about committing sexual assault on Bill Clinton and said that since he is now a Christian all is forgiven.

“Trump has said some things that are very vile back when he was supporting people like Bill Clinton,” Gohmert said. “But if you’re Bill Clinton’s big buddy like he was at one time, you’re going to talk like Bill Clinton. And I think we need to forgive him for talking like big Democrats like Clinton and other foulmouthed people.”

“Now he’s a Republican,” he continued. “James Dobson tells me he’s become a Christian. And so, look, we forgive him for the past because he’s asked for it.”

“We need to get on board. It’s all-in or it’s nothing,” Gohmert concluded, encouraging the GOP to stand with Trump no matter what happens.

Hate crime legislation will lead to the persecution of Christians 

Also on Tuesday, Gohmert, in an appearance for The Blaze, claimed Christians were under attack due to hate crime legislation, passed in 2009.

“They’re going to say that the religion truly based on love, they will start saying it’s the most hateful religion and they will say that because Christians say that you have to believe like we do or you don’t go to heaven, you go to hell, that that’s mean and that’s hateful and they’ll come [for Christians] and now it’s coming. It’s here. It’s here already,” he warned.

Gohmert made reference to Houston preachers getting subpoenas to turn over sermons related to the city’s non-discrimination ordinance HERO, after it was placed on hold following a lawsuit against the city filed by opponents, with help from the Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative Christian legal advocacy group.

While Gohmert and others have tried to make it seem as if this was in order to build a hate crime case against the preachers, it actually had to do with their possibly using the pulpit for political organizing.

h/t Right Wing Watch

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