Soccer star Robbie Rogers teaching his son Caleb to kick will give you the awws


Robbie Rogers won the internet with an Instagram video that has been seen 27,000 times so far, featuring the out soccer star, his baby boy and a bouncing ball.

Caleb thinks my touch is pretty hilarious. 😬

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When it comes to public displays of love for a child, it doesn’t get much better than this. Rogers and boyfriend Greg Berlanti welcomed Caleb to the world with the help of a surrogate in February, as the Gaily Grind reported.


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Berlanti is the creator of TV’s “The Flash.”

Little coffee with Rebecca and Master Caleb on a much needed off day 🐡❤️

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When Caleb was born, Berlanti wrote:

“It is with much pride and love that I introduce to the world my son, Caleb Gene Berlanti. Born February 18, 2016. There is nothing I’ve wanted more, or waited for longer, than to be a father. Achieving this dream would not have been possible without the love and support of my wonderful family and surrogate, incredible boyfriend, amazing friends and co-workers that encouraged me and helped me on this remarkable journey. Check back in approximately 25-30 years for the tell-all about how I screwed it all up, until then apologies for the over posting of baby photos. My heart is full forever.”

Finally a family vacation! @gberlanti

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Rogers wrote: “Welcoming Caleb Gene Berlanti into this world with love and peace. 2/18/2016 the most handsome pure little guy I’ve ever set my eyes on.”

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