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Wedding venue owner: refusing gays ‘does not make me a bigot or you righteous’

Wedding venue owner: refusing gays ‘does not make me a bigot or you righteous’
Photo: Lufkin Daily News

In an exclusive statement to LGBTQNation, the Christian owner of an East Texas bed and breakfast that hosts weddings defended his advertisement to refuse same-sex and transgender customers who wish to be married on his property.

“My conviction about same-sex marriage being bad for families and the country is founded on thousands of years of Judeo-Christian ethics,” Robert Flournoy wrote in the emailed statement, adding this personal message to our writer: “That does not make me a bigot or you righteous.”

Flournoy, an attorney in Lufkin, Texas, sent the statement to LGBTQNation Thursday in reply to our requests for comment about his ad in a local magazine, announcing Texas Forest Country Weddings will not host a same-sex wedding, nor that of anyone who is transgender. 

“I will not host a same-sex marriage at my place and I will not demand that you promote my constitutional rights in your Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Nation publication. Is that fair enough?”

Flournoy challenged us to publish his statement, writing that “most of your readers won’t appreciate your printing what I have just said but an honest journalist will do it anyway.”

Here in its entirety is Flournoy’s statement. Your comments are welcome.


Click here to download the letter: letter-to-dawn-ennis

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