Target boycott organizer: ‘we will not be able to go to the bathroom’

The American Family Association is pressing ahead with its boycott of Target in spite of its recent announcement to put individual gender-neutral bathrooms in its retail stores nationwide, to ensure that Christians will have unfettered access to bathrooms, a spokeswoman for the organization told Breitbart News Daily.

The AFA’s ongoing action against Target is retaliation for allowing customers to use the restrooms that match their gender identity. And Breitbart has been front and center in perpetuating the myth that the retail chain’s policy will lead to sexual assault, which has never happened even once in the United States.

As RightWingWatch reports, the organization’s Sandy Rios spoke with Breitbart’s Alex Marlow on Friday about the boycott, telling him that this “isn’t just about Target.” Rios — who revealed in May that her group was sending straight men into Target’s ladies bathrooms to “test” its policy — said the AFA wants to scare other corporations and state governments, to strike fear that they will be boycotted if they adopt similar policies.

“If we do not keep the pressure on Target,” she told Marlow, “this will quickly — we know how major corporations are, they are scared to death of anything that isn’t politically correct — this will spread like wildfire, we will not be able to go to the bathroom anywhere.”

Listen to Rios courtesy of RWW below:

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