Here is the complete, heartwrenching, Orlando-themed Gaycation episode

Here is the complete, heartwrenching, Orlando-themed Gaycation episode
Photo: Viceland via YouTube

Five days after the Orlando, Fla. massacre that took the lives of 49 Americans, most of them LGBTQ, Oscar-nominated actress and documentarian Ellen Page and her best friend Ian Daniel paid visits to the survivors, the relatives and friends of those lost to hate.

The result is a special episode of their series, Gaycation, which is anything but a fun-filled holiday. It is raw, and moving, and all at once both heartbreaking and inspiring to meet those who mourn and yet stand firm for their rights to love and live.

In less than an hour, viewers will see stories of bravery, of grief, of love and of pain, that captures the mood that has permeated Central Florida in the months and weeks since June 12. Orlando may never be the same, but Gaycation reveals that the killings there have underscored more than ever what it means to be a community.

Watch the full episode below from Viceland, and don’t forget to have tissues on hand before you click the play button.

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