7 queer men who helped Donald Trump become the GOP presidential candidate


As his numbers in polls plummet, you might wonder who is supporting Donald Trump these days. As it turns out, there is a cadre of gay men who are happy to play sub to Trump’s dom. Some, in fact, helped make his rise possible. They range from fringe internet trolls to a George W. Bush speechwriter to a contrarian billionaire. Not surprisingly, they are all men, and white men at that. Many of them are ideologues first, and gay second.

So here you go, the top seven queers helping to get Donald Trump elected to an office he doesn’t deserve.

1. Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo is the gay Ann Coulter. As a flame-throwing right-winger, nothing is off limits to him; the more outrageous the comment the better, no matter how farcical. He holds the distinction of being the first person banned for life from Twitter, for fanning racist and sexist attacks on Leslie Jones, and the equally dubious distinction as the first man to publicly proclaim his physical attraction to Trump. (It’s not a long list.)

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