Actress Stephanie Beatriz comes out as bisexual on Twitter

Actress Stephanie Beatriz comes out as bisexual on Twitter

Before long, the consultants who help celebrities “come out” are going to be out of business. As the world becomes more accepting of LGBTQ folks — and as young people increasingly identify as something other than straight — it seems natural that coming out is becoming a more casual affair. That, and you can’t make an offhand comment on social media anymore without it finding its way to the mainstream media.

So it goes for actress Stephanie Beatriz, who stars on Andy Samberg’s cop comedy “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Autostraddle points out that Beatrix tweeted out a quote from Aubrey Plaza on being bisexual yesterday with the comment “Yup.”

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 8.32.10 AMThis was enough to have some of Beatriz’s fans wondering about her sexuality. So someone asked (in the Twitter kind of way that your high school English teacher never would have considered a question) if it meat what they thought it meant:

If you don’t read emoji, that’s a girl kissing a boy and a girl kissing a girl, each followed by the symbol for A-OK.

The actress also posted video from New York City Pride this year on Instagram:

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HAPPY #pride NYC! 🌈🗽

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You can catch Beatriz playing the badass Detective Rosa Diaz on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and in the upcoming films The Light of the Moon and Half Magic

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