‘White Lives Matter’ movement pines for a more racist past

‘White Lives Matter’ movement pines for a more racist past

Imagine this: You are driving while white down the street. You are more than two times less likely to be pulled over and arrested during a traffic stop than black drivers. You are also significantly less likely to receive a traffic ticket than Latino/a and black drivers. Instead, you as a white driver are more likely to receive a verbal warning than are drivers of color. You are also at reduced risk for police officers searching your vehicle during a traffic stop.

White pedestrians are also significantly less likely to be randomly pulled aside, questioned, and frisked by law enforcement officers than their black, brown, Native American, and Middle Eastern counterparts. In 2015 alone, “Police killed almost five black people per every million black residents of the U.S., compared with about 2 per million for both white and Hispanic victims.”

With these statistics in mind, it was inevitable that some white people would feel left out, invisible, white washed out of law enforcement discrimination, ill-treatment, persecution, and mortal injuries. So, to fill this need and counter the argument by asserting that white people are the real victims of police abuse, the neo-Nazi group from Texas, Aryan Renaissance Society (ARS), now promotes and publicizes White Lives Matter (WLM) as “a movement dedicated to [the] promotion of the white race.” Aryan Renaissance Society is a member organization of the white nationalist coalition United Aryan Front.

White Lives Matter events from a number of groups in different areas of the country included one sponsored by the anti-Semitic Christian Identity Theo-Political Ministry, Divine Truth Ministries, which planned a White Lives Matter rally on or near April 20, Adolf Hitler’s birthday, to “promote the idea that Whites have a right to live, and without fear; and to secure the existence of our people, and a future for white children.” 

Just think of it, with the emergence of the White Lives Matter Movement, white people can venerate the good old days when we could stay even more blissfully unconscious of our white privileges than we are today — hey, what white privilege? — when the Eurocentric monocultural school system was even more the whitewashing order of the day; where the songs Elvis Presley appropriated from black blues artists and repackaged for a white audience blared over the audio systems in restaurants and elevators throughout buildings guarded by white security officers to keep out so-called “non-white” people.

Now, finally, I can breathe easier knowing there is a bright tomorrow for white people. I had been fearful that with the way things had been going for us white folks lately, in two or maybe three years hence, we would see our culture and our race falling onto the endangered species list. Now I can rest assured. (Oops, I thought we didn’t have a race. Do we?) 

Whiteness and white supremacy will continue long into the future, even after I have passed away into that great whiteness in the sky. Though I am Jewish and I don’t believe in him, maybe I will see a cute white Jesus resplendent with his high cheekbones and flowing golden blond hair.

The White Lives Matter Movement can now sponsor events for white people so we can finally be given the option of finding and meeting one another. We can now invite to our communities’ white law enforcement officials to present information on the white European-heritage community experience.

Because of the new White Lives Matter Movement we are witnessing emerging, possibly we will see greater understanding of our white lifestyles. With this understanding, we might find fewer and fewer young people having to live in a closet of fear, we might see fewer hate crimes against white people on account of our non-race, and we might find greater chances for white students concentrating more on academics rather than on physical and emotional racial safety concerns.

We might also find as a result of this groundbreaking White Lives Matter Movement, closer family relationships, greater chances for career options and success for white people, and overall, a new generation experiencing enhanced feelings of self-esteem and developing positive white identities at earlier ages than ever before.

Oh yes, this Movement is on the Right[-wing] track! It is redressing the long and tragic history of oppression, marginalization, disenfranchisement, and victimization since the establishment of this great nation against all white European-heritage people.

This Movement is on the cutting edge by working to take our social institutions back to those halcyon days of the mid-20th century where law enforcement agencies hired only white officers and administrators, where great universities opened their doors only to the sons of the white Protestant elite and wealthy, before the time when educators came up with the wacky and horrific notion of expanding the curriculum to include other than European-heritage voices, before educators concerned themselves with providing their students an education that would equip them to live and function in a diverse and continually changing world.

Some people, though, are attempting to neutralize our glorious white history by asserting that “all lives matter.” Well, yes. Though all lives do actually matter, that expression fails to highlight the fact that white people as a demographic group have the power and privilege to more than likely receive a traffic ticket for a broken tail light than a speeding bullet to the brain at close range.

That expression fails to highlight the fact that white people as a demographic group are more likely to receive a ticket for committing a misdemeanor for selling loose cigarettes or cassette disks than a lethal chokehold or a bullet to the chest.

And that expression fails to highlight the fact that white people as a demographic group are more likely to be left alone by neighborhood patrols for walking in a drizzling rain wearing a hoodie and carrying Skittles and a can of Arizona fruit juice than followed and eventually killed.

Indeed, the White Lives Matter Movement is providing a great service. All law enforcement agencies need to take note, or they will be left behind this new and exciting trend backward that will have far-reaching regressive implications.

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