‘This is what trans looks like, Governor McCrory’

‘This is what trans looks like, Governor McCrory’

I am tired.
I am tired of my identity, my sense of being, my soul,
being called wrong, perverted, freakish.
I am tired of straight cis men legislating my freedom
from their high horses of privilege.
I am tired of the stares, the murmured hate, the aggression
when I dare to hold another man’s hand on the street.
I am tired of my racing heartbeat, the catch in my breath,
the worst case scenarios I have to think of when I walk in a public bathroom.
I am tired of my state supporting hatred and bigotry.
I am tired.
But that doesn’t mean I will ever stop fighting.

This is what trans looks like, Gov. McCrory. I am trans, I am queer, I am a lover, a writer, an actor, and a singer. I am a person of faith and when I was formed from the dust of the earth, the same breath of life that filled your lungs also filled mine. Do not mistake your privilege for superiority. It will not serve you forever. But for now, at the risk of sounding crude, suck it, McCrory. I am trans, and I am not going away. Deal with it.”


A Facebook post by Adam Plant that’s  gone viral since its original posting on March 24th 

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