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LGBTQ youth organization is trying to purchase antigay pastor’s ‘church’

As we reported last week, Harlem’s Atlah Worldwide Church — helmed by antigay pastor James David Manning — is scheduled for a public foreclosure auction next month, due to the fact that the man who believes “Jesus would stone homos” owes over $1 million in debts.

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Now, The Ali Forney Center has launched a fundraising drive to try to claim the space for LGBT youth.

AFC executive director Carl Siciliano praised LGBT-inclusive Harlem residents and allies who stood up to church’s demented “pastor,” David Manning:

The biggest reason our youths are driven from their homes is because of homophobic and transphobic religious beliefs of their parents. It has meant the world to us that so many Harlem residents have stood up to support our young people, and are now urging us to provide urgently needed care at the site of so much hatred. If we are able to obtain the space it would truly be a triumph of love over hatred.”

The effort is already  50 percent toward the $200k goal, which AFC hopes will help obtain additional support from local government and foundations to close the deal.

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If the group secures the space, they also hope to launch a catering business run by AFC clients.

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