Welcome back to Bilerico: All the news unfit to print

Welcome back to Bilerico: All the news unfit to print

Welcome back to Bilerico. It’s good to see you again.

When I shut down the Bilerico Project last year after pouring my heart and soul into it for over a decade, I thought the dream had died. Many of you mourned Bilerico’s demise with me and sent me kind notes asking if there was any way to resurrect it. There was.

I sold the site to the great folks at Q.Digital later in the year and they’ve brought it back! Bilerico Project will always hold a special place in my heart as a gathering place for new ideas and community voices. It will remain that. But it’s all time for Bilerico to “evolve” like Obama and Hillary Clinton.

In a blogosphere full of news aggregators and short copy-and-paste clippings, it’s time to bring back the real stuff. For the most part, only larger mainstream sites and local queer newspapers are taking on the challenge of original reporting; it’s time to provide that again for our community on a national scale.

So welcome to the new Bilerico Report. Our focus will be a little different, but we’ll still bring you the quality reporting and op-eds our readers expect. Instead of covering every news item, our partner LGBTQNation will handle that. Our friends at Queerty will provide the fun and snark we always incorporated in our coverage. We’ll be able to put our time and energy into the in-depth investigative reporting, opinion and think pieces that have become scarce lately.

I’ll still be running the show here and helping out in the morning with LGBTQNation. Some of our old contributors will be coming back to interact with you again and we plan on re-running some of Bilerico Project’s best posts again so they get one more turn in the spotlight. And the timing couldn’t be better! We’re right in the middle of a presidential election that will partly determine our future and our increasingly international movement for equality and freedom needs close examination.

While you’re here, don’t forget to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter if you have not already. Our social media presence will ramp back up now and you won’t want to miss a thing.

After all, Bilerico has always been about family. Welcome home.

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