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Antigay pastor to protesters: ‘The men of the church are gonna p*ss on the graves of your ancestors.’

Pastor James Dean Manning has already released another hateful video, sending a message out to all the people hoping to protest his so-called “church” in Harlem.

“You come to the ATLAH World Missionary Church, you try to get to the pulpit or you try to get anywhere and put hands on me or Elizabeth, here’s what’s gonna happen. The men of the church are going to immediately leave the service and find your family members and castrate the men and slit the throats of the women. That’s what the men of the church are gonna do. We’re gonna find all your family members. And then the men of the church are gonna piss on the graves of your ancestors.”

Over 100 demonstrators gathered outside his ATLAH Church in Harlem in November to protest one of the homophobic signs erected on top of the church, which read: “You sodomites and freaks have soiled Harlem. But ye shall be moved, payback is a bitch”.

Manning responded by berating the crowd, singing, and unleashing racist slurs.

Watch the segment below:

h/t: Pink News

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