Report: Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is gay, dating a boxer

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is dating a Moroccan kickboxer.

That’s the claim, anyway, made on the French television show “Touche pas a mon sport.”

Contributor Daniel Riolo alleges the Real Madrid star regularly flies to Morocco on his private jet after training for “cuddles” with his friend, Badh Hari.

“Ronaldo takes three or four jets a week to see a friend in Morocco to cuddle,” Riolo said.

The audience gasped.

Ronaldo and Hari have made joking references to their relationship on social media.

A Facebook photo featuring Hari lifting up Ronaldo includes the caption “Just married. Always there to pick you up bro.”

Ronald has had a series of model girlfriends and when asked if he was gay has said, “I’m at ease with my sexuality so it’s not a problem for me.”

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