The best Kim Davis memes (so far)

The best Kim Davis memes (so far)
That hair. Those convictions. Kim Davis was born to be a meme.
That hair. Those convictions. Kim Davis was born to be a meme.

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis is the new face of antigay Christian hypocrisy. Prior to being jailed, she’d been “invoking God’s authority” by denying gay couples marriage licenses for weeks… all while concealing the fact that, once upon a time, she was pregnant by her third husband while still married to her first. She’s currently on Husband #4, who may or may not have also been Husband #2. (The details are a little fuzzy.)

While Kim has been busy throwing temper tantrums, holding press conferences, comparing herself to Rosa Parks, unsuccessfully petitioning SCOTUS to take up her case, and determinedly reading The Bibles from the confines of her jail cell, the internet has been busy creating memes featuring the 57-year-old country clerk.

Scroll down for a roundup of some of the best Kim Davis memes so far…










h/t: Queerty

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