Westboro Baptist Church sides with the LGBT community on the Kim Davis issue

The Westboro Church is calling for Kim Davis' resignation. Justin Hernandez

The Westboro Church is calling for Kim Davis' resignation.

The Westboro Church is calling for Kim Davis’ resignation.

Hate-mongering organization Westboro Baptist Church has come out of the closet with its disapproval of the antigay Rowan county clerk Kim Davis.

Divorce and remarriage are abominations in Westboro’s eyes, and it has armed itself with the bible passage that prove it, reports Deep South Daily. Since Davis’s four walks down the aisle are the result of her three divorces, she has become one of the church’s prime targets. The church is even calling for her resignation.

Stating, “If Kim Davis has any real fear of God she’ll resign and move out of the house from the man she lives w/ in adultery,” the organization has been quite active on social media expressing its disdain for the jailed Rowan County Clerk. In addition to its binge tweeting, the church has also been circulating photoshopped images of Davis with the captions, “INCONVENIENT TRUTH: GOD HATES DIVORCE” and “DIVORCE + REMARRIAGE = ADULTERY.” Here are some recent posts from the WBCSaysRepent Twitter account:

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