Here’s ten of LGBTQ Nation’s most-read posts

Here’s ten of LGBTQ Nation’s most-read posts
Thank you for helping us reach this important milestone.
Thank you for helping us reach this important milestone.

LGBTQ Nation has reached an important milestone, and we’d like to thank you for making it possible.

As reported by Publishers Daily, Q.Digital today announced plans to consolidate two of its existing online properties — GayCities and  Queerty — with three newly acquired websites: Bilerico Project, Dragaholic, and, yes, LGBTQ Nation, which Q.Digital has owned and operated since July.

The company, formerly known as GayCities Inc., makes the move on the heels of hitting a new milestone in growth, having surpassed both Here Media (Advocate and Out) and the Gay Ad Network in Quantcast’s monthly ranking of sites with more than 4.5 million unique monthly users.

LGBTQ Nation is by far the most-followed LGBT news source. As of September 2015, we are fast approaching one million Facebook fans, adding hundreds every week. Your comments and “likes” add an important dimension to each post, adding discussion and engagement to our trusted “Just the facts, ma’am” approach, providing insights into current events, the culture wars (we’re talking you, Kim Davis!), and charting the incredible LGBTQ road to equality and freedom.

To celebrate this new chapter in LGBTQ Nation’s history, which will allow us to bring even more great articles, we’ve gathered some of our most popular posts and highlighted some of our favorite reader comments.

Thank you, again, and keep ’em coming.


Only one person showed up to Seattle’s Heterosexual Pride “Parade.” Guess who it was.

Seattle’s first-ever Heterosexual Pride Parade was far from a roaring success. In fact, only one person even bothered showing up — and that was the event’s organizer, anti-gay blogger Anthony Rebello. “If only he’d hired a gay party promoter,” one commentator quipped. Another noted that “the photos show Rebello wearing a T-shirt with a crucifix on it. I think his Savior had something to say about pride…”

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