Only one person showed up to Seattle’s Heterosexual Pride “Parade.” Guess who it was.

Blogger Anthony Rebello was the only attendee at the first ever "Heterosexual Pride" parade... an event he organized himself.Photo:

Well. Looks like a “Heterosexual Pride” Parade isn’t meant to be.

Huffington Post reports that Seattle-based blogger Anthony Rebello conceived the parade “in the name of equality [and] equal rights… to celebrate our right to be heterosexual, and to encourage younger hetereosexuals that they should be proud of their heterosexuality.”

A meager 169 people responded “yes” to the event on Facebook, but the crowd turned out to be more paltry than that. Way more.

Indeed, only one person showed up: Anthony Rebello.

Seattle Gay Scene posted photos featuring Rebello holding a cardboard sign reading “Straight Pride” and clutching a handful of black and white helium balloons.

The paper reportx that commenters rapidly condemned Rebello’s parade on the Facebook event page, and notes that his own Facebook page links to a personal blog that’s rife with anti-gay rhetoric.

“In response to the whole gay marriage thing, as an artist, and an individual, I feel the need to voice my opinion on the subject,” Rebello commented. “I apologize if my opinion hurt anyone’s feelings.”

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