Boy Scouts of America: Five reasons we’ve won the battle (but not the war)

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3. Millennials

In recent years, The Boy Scouts have been specifically targeting millennial parents; a last-ditch effort to stopper plummeting membership numbers and shoddy publicity. Their first marketing campaign in six years, “Build An Adventure,” attempted to rebrand the organization as an inclusive, free-spirited club; a transparent plea for forward-thinking, non-judgmental millennials to reconsider the BSA. It’s common knowledge that millennials are less likely to distinguish among sexual orientations, and that they are even rethinking gender. They have little tolerance for religious dogma. The bottom line is always cynical: If the Boy Scouts of America want millennial money and troops, they’ll have to do away with their exclusionary policies for good, even if that means sacrificing support from the Mormon Church and other right-wing religious institutions.

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