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Conservative MO lawmaker: Child abuse made me gay

“I have overcome,” said governor hopeful Sam Dixon in a statement. “And will not allow evil to win.”

Springfield, MO — Governor hopeful Senator Bob Dixon released a statement yesterday that claims his mother — and “teenage confusion” — convinced him to live as a gay man for five years.

The Springfield News-Leader reports that Dixon, who has a wife and three children, emphasized his stringent conservative values last week when announcing his candidacy, claiming that child abuse led him to doubt his sexuality as a teen.

“I have put the childhood abuse, and the teenage confusing behind me,” said the Republican Senator. “What others intended for harm has resulted in untold good. I have overcome, and will not allow evil to win.”

You can read the entire statement below:


“Through the years, I have publicly spoken about being abused as a child and the confusion this caused me as a teenager. There are literally thousands of Missourians who will understand how heartbreaking childhood abuse can be — though few might be willing to acknowledge it.”

“I have put the childhood abuse, and the teenage confusion behind me. What others intended for harm has resulted in untold good. I have overcome, and will not allow evil to win. From passing the Child Witness Protection Act, to protecting children from those who would do harm to them from the shadows of the internet, and to reforming Missouri’s Criminal Code — I have consistently worked to treat all people with respect, understanding, and compassion, and to bring people together, not divide them.”

“There are people who to this day try to turn politics into a blood sport. This sort of approach discourages many good people from public service. While it is disappointing, I will have no fear of those who wish to tear down others for their gain. I will have no part of it.”

“I began this campaign from my front porch surround by people I love and those who know me best, my wife Amanda and our daughters. I told those gathered there that my faith in an Almighty God who is full of love and compassion is at the core of all I do to help others, and daily helps me to set the compass.”

“My faith in a loving and just God has helped to guide my approach with people. There are those who constantly seek to divide us, but I am committed to renewing the Spirit of Missouri and bringing people together with sensible conservative solutions.”

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