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Nat’l Organization for Marriage claims boycott has slowed Starbucks’ growth

The rainbow pride flag atop the Starbucks headquarters in Seattle on Monday, Jne 23, 2014. Nate Gowdt, Nate Gowdy Photography)

The National Organization For Marriage’s two year boycott of global coffee giant Starbucks “has been an abject (and laughable) failure,” reports Jeremy Hooper at Good As You.

The pro-equality company maintains 21,000 stores in over 65 countries, and is thriving. NOM, on the other hand, has lost just about every thing it has attempted in the 2+ years since the anti-gay organization told supporters to “Dump Starbucks.”

But leave it to increasingly option-less NOM president Brian Brown to paint a veneer of illusion onto the situation.

In an interview on Catholic radio, Brown claims that NOM’s boycott has persuaded “many countries” to bar Starbucks from entry.


Starbucks’ stock has soared 55 percent since in the two years since NOM launched the boycott.

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