AFA’s Bryan Fischer: Homosexuality ‘causes an inner revulsion’

AFA’s Bryan Fischer: Homosexuality ‘causes an inner revulsion’

American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer kicked off his radio program Thursday with a discussion about the revulsion that God feels whenever gay people have sex, which is the same disgust that all human beings feel when thinking about it unless, that is, they have been brainwashed by society to accept it.

Homosexuality, Fischer explained, is an “abomination” because “it causes an inner revulsion. In other words, when you see it, you think about it, you recoil from it. Your instinct is to recoil from it in some kind of disgust.”

“Homosexual behavior is an abomination to God,” he continued. “When God sees it, it causes him to recoil. And when we think about the actual act of homosexuality, we have exactly the same reaction. Most people think about that, they don’t want to think about that, they don’t want to visualize it because it is disgusting. And if people aren’t politically conditioned to accept it, their natural reaction is that’s just not normal, that’s just not natural, that’s not what human beings were designed for, that’s not what they were made for”:

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