Linda Harvey: ‘Trashy’ gay-straight alliances promote ‘disease’

Linda Harvey: ‘Trashy’ gay-straight alliances promote ‘disease’

Ohio-based Religious Right activist Linda Harvey is upset that the Ohio Education Association is helping Gay-Straight Alliance clubs get off the ground, which she warns will lead more students into “sinful deviant behaviors that put young people at great risk of disease and other poor outcomes.”

Linda Harvey
Linda Harvey
“They deceive younger students who may be drawn to this behavior,” Harvey claims. “Kids are given misinformation that change is never possible and biblically faithful Christians are their enemies.”

The Mission America president says that thanks to GSA clubs’ “trashy, child endangering values,” kids will grow up into “diseased and despondent” adults:

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“This is terribly harmful to these children and terribly divisive in the school atmosphere. Where is the OEA going to be ten years down the road when some of these kids are diseased and despondent, having gone down this road with multiple broken relationships and needless heartbreak.

“We taxpayers are indirectly paying for such trashy, child-endangering values.”

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