Maggie Gallagher: serving up hate, bigotry at the Thanksgiving table

Maggie Gallagher, the former chair of the notoriously anti-gay National Organization for Marriage, is offering some advice for serving up a heaping helping of hate and bigotry at your Thanksgiving table this year.

“The gay marriage movement has cultivated a rather low threshold for moral indignation. If you don’t think two men in a union are a marriage, you are a bigot … well that sentiment sometimes translates to some pretty uncomfortable holiday dinner conversations,” said Gallagher.

Here she offers some tips on holding your bigoted, moral high ground. Watch:

The video has been released under an American Principles Project (APP) label rather than the NOM, but Good As You blogger Jeremy Hooper points out that the APP is another project of NOM co-founder Robby George, involving Gallagher, Thomas Peters, and various other NOM staffers.

“Don’t don’t be fooled — this is all part of the same NOM family table,” Hopper wrote.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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