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Kentucky man sentenced in hate crime attack outside gay-friendly bar

Kentucky Enquirer
Devlin Burke

A Kentucky judge on Tuesday ruled that a white supremacist had committed a hate crime when he attacked four people last year outside a gay-friendly bar.

Devlin Burke had only two words to say after Judge Patricia Summe sentenced him to 17 years in prison: “Sieg heil” — a German phrase that translates to “hail victory,” and commonly accompanied by the Nazi salute.

Prosecutors said Burke and another man attacked two women in August during a dispute outside Yadda Club in Covington. When two onlookers intervened, prosecutors said, Burke slashed one man on the arm and the other in the abdomen.

Witnesses said Burke shouted homosexual slurs throughout the attack.

“The whole motive for the whole fracas in the first place was this anti-gay sentiment,” said Kenton County Attorney Rob Sanders.

In addition to the “hate crime” designation by the judge, the jury found Burke guilty of three counts of felony assault and one count of misdemeanor assault.

Under Kentucky law, crimes motivated by bias against race, gender or sexual orientation do not carry additional penalty, but are taken into consideration at parole hearings.

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