HRC poll: Majority of Christians support LGBT equality, oppose DOMA

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The majority of Christian Americans oppose the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act, favor protecting LGBT people from discrimination, and support anti-bullying laws according to new polling released today by the Human Rights Campaign.

In perhaps the most compelling finding, more Christians than the overall population say their faith compels them to believe the law should treat LGBT people equally. Additionally, a strong majority of Christians believe that anti-LGBT religious leaders do more harm than good.

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According to the poll, Christians of all ages support LGBT equality. A majority of Christians — 52 percent — also oppose the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act, according to a previous HRC poll by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research poll.

Finally, an astounding 86 percent of Christians believe their faith leads them to the conclusion that the law should treat all people equally, including LGBT people.

“We’re seeing a sea change in the relationship between faith and LGBT equality,” said HRC President Joe Solmonese. “What’s most interesting is that not only are people of faith embracing equality, but they’re doing so because of their faith.”

The HRC poll was conducted in partnership with Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research. Additional poll results are here.

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