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Cuomo calls on NY Senators to support ‘fairness and equality’ for gay couples

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday released a video message urging New Yorkers to call their state Senators to advocate for legalizing same-sex.

“This is a matter of fairness and equality,” Cuomo said. “It is not a question of religion or culture, but a question of legal rights and government policy.”

The video is the latest push in a high-profile campaign by Cuomo and gay rights groups to win legislative approval for same-sex marriage before end of the legislative session in four weeks.

Marriage equality legislation has repeatedly passed the State Assembly, which is dominated by Democrats. But in December 2009, when Democrats still controlled the Senate, the bill failed 38 to 24.

Cuomo, who campaigned on a pro-marriage-equality platform, has made same-sex marriage one of his top three legislative priorities.

There are at least 26 publicly committed “yes” votes on the issue in the Senate, short of the 32 needed. No bill is pending, and Cuomo has said does not want to introduce one until enough “yes” votes are secured.

Opponents have also stepped up their campaigning in recent days. Earlier this month, the National Organization for Marriage pledged to spend $1.5 million in advertising and lobbying efforts to defeat a marriage equality bill in New York, and pro-LGBT candidates in the 2012 legislative elections.

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