Gay student teacher, fired after parent’s complaint, rehired by Oregon school district

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Seth Stambaugh

Seth Stambaugh, the gay graduate student from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR — who had been fired Sept. 15 after a parent, whose child was enrolled in a 4th grade class that Stambaugh was student teaching at Sexton Mountain Elementary School in Beaverton, filed a complaint — has been rehired by the school district’s superintendent.

According to Stambaugh, he was fired based on a conversation in which he was asked by the student about his marital status. Stambaugh stated it would be illegal for him to marry because he would choose to marry a man.

In a press conference, Stambaugh’s attorney Lake Perriguey told reporters Stambaugh was reinstated Thursday by the Beaverton School District. Perriguey said the offer of reinstatement came at an afternoon meeting at Lewis and Clark.

Addressing the gathered media, Stambaugh told reporters that he was thrilled to have his position back after being dismissed for the conversation about gay marriage.

“This is a huge teachable moment I’m glad I can be back in the classroom with the students I gained a great rapport with.”

When asked by a reporter whether he planned to file a discrimination lawsuit, Stambaugh told him, “I’d prefer not to.”

Stambaugh will resume his student teaching duties at the Elementary School next Thursday, returning him to his normal routine of a Thursday and Friday schedule.

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