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Chile: Lawmakers expected to introduce marriage equality bill

Tuesday, December 9, 2014
Lawmakers in Chile are expected to introduce a bill Wednesday aimed at extending marriage rights to same-sex couples. [...]

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Rio de Janeiro celebrates gay pride, calls for end to homophobia

Sunday, November 16, 2014
A man participates in the 19th Gay Pride Parade in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sunday, Nov.16, 2014. Thousands took part in Rio de Janeiro's 19th Gay Pride parade, to fight for a more just and inclusive society, which recognizes equal rights for all the gay community.
RIO DE JANEIRO -- Gay rights activists are using Rio de Janeiro's annual gay pride parade to demand laws against discrimination based on sexual orientation. Thousands of people paraded down Copacabana's main coastal boulevard with rainbow flags and thematic floats, many dressed in carnival costumes or wearing t-shirts saying "Fight [...]

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Brazil presidential candidate: Gays should seek psychological help far away

Monday, September 29, 2014
Levy Fidelix
SAO PAULO -- A minor character in Brazil's presidential race is on the spot after saying the country needs to stand up against gay people who should seek psychological help far away from the population. Candidate Levy Fidelix has the support of less than 1 percent of potential voters, but [...]

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Colombia allows lesbian partner to adopt child born via artificial insemination

Thursday, August 28, 2014
Veronica Botero and Ana Elisa Leiderman with their children Raquel and Ari.
BOGOTA, Colombia -- Colombia has taken a major step recognizing the rights of same-sex couples after the country's constitutional court allowed a lesbian couple to adopt a child born to one of its mothers. Ana Leiderman gave birth to two children via artificial insemination. Her longtime partner Veronica Botero however [...]

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Sailor is first member of Chile’s armed forces to come out as gay

Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Mauricio Ruiz, 24, sailor of the Chilean Navy, right, comes out publicly as gay during a press conference in Santiago, Chile, Wednesday Aug. 27, 2014. Ruiz who was accompanied by Rolando Jimenez, left, president of the Homosexual Liberation and Integration Movement, is the first member of the Chilean armed forces ever to come out publicly as gay with the approval of the High Command of the Chilean navy.
SANTIAGO, Chile -- A sailor with Chile's navy on Wednesday announced he is gay, an unprecedented public declaration in this socially conservative South American nation. Chile has traditionally been a tough place for homosexuals, although the country decriminalized gay sex in 1999 and attitudes toward gays are evolving. The killing [...]

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Ecuador to formally recognize couples in same-sex civil unions

Sunday, August 24, 2014
QUITO, Ecuador -- Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa on Saturday said that same-sex couples in civil unions can now have their relationships officially recognized by the Ecuador government. Correa said LGBT people will have "the full constitutional right" to register their civil unions, and have them recorded on their national ID [...]

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Activists use World Cup spotlight to call attention to anti-LGBT violence

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
A protest led by the gay rights organization Grupo Dignidade attracted about 400 people, many brandishing signs reading "Show homophobia the red card," and "In this World Cup, homophobia is out of bounds."
RIO DE JANEIRO — Gay rights activists in Brazil are using the spotlight of the World Cup to draw attention to the harsh penalties gay people face in many of the countries represented at soccer's premier event. A protest led by the gay rights organization Grupo Dignidade attracted about 400 [...]

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Report: 17 gays killed in Peru since 2012, no action being taken

Friday, May 16, 2014
LIMA, Peru -- A Peruvian gay rights group says at least 17 gays have been killed in the Andean nation since 2012 because of their sexual orientation. [...]

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Sao Paulo celebrates LGBT pride as activists call for laws against discrimination

Sunday, May 4, 2014
Participants carry a rainbow flag as thousands march during the annual Gay Pride Parade in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Sunday, May 4, 2014.
SAO PAULO -- Gay rights advocates called for a Brazilian law against discrimination as they gathered by the hundreds of thousands in Sao Paulo on Sunday for one of the world's largest gay pride parades. [...]

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Pastor says God sparked massive fire in Chile over same-sex civil unions

Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Pastor Javier Soto
A Chilean pastor said God sparked a massive forest fire in the coastal city of Valparaíso over the weekend in response to lawmakers' consideration of a bill that would legalize civil unions for same-sex couples. [...]

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