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Rob Watson is Director of Partners and Alliances Communication for Hitachi Data Systems and blogs on evoL = . He has served as the president of the board of directors for Santa Cruz AIDS project and is a dedicated activist for the LGBT community. He was a foster care parent and became the adoptive parent of his two sons. They reside in Northern California.

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Meet the filmmaker who wants to save little kids who feel “different”

“Ryland [pictured] is very happy to be part of this project," says filmmaker Sarah Feeley. "He wants the world to know that it's okay that he has cochlear implants and that he’s transgender."
Sarah Feeley's touching short film focuses on a six-year-old named Ryland. From birth, Ryland had two pieces of information to impart upon his parents: The first was that he's deaf. The second was, despite displaying female characteristics, he's a boy. ...

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A gay dad sounds off on Christians debating whether to attend a friend’s same-sex wedding

Catrina Burks is assisted up the steps in Bronson Park before Rev. Nathan Dannison unites her and her wife Marashette Burks in marriage in Kalamazoo, Mich. on Friday, June 26, 2015.
On the Friday of the Supreme Court marriage equality ruling, the news hit like a rainbow colored Tsunami. That day, for me, and many LGBT people I know, was a awash with shock, awe and wonderment. Everything was coming up ...

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A gay dad sounds off on the terror threatening to be unleashed on California families

Anti-gay rights demonstrators outside San Francisco City Hall in 2008.
It's time to take the lunatics seriously. Months ago, it was announced that a crackpot lawyer in California had paid a $200 filing fee to propose the “Sodomite Suppression Act." The proposition, if codified, would make it legal to massacre ...

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A gay dad’s letter to the Australian couple who threaten divorce if marriage equality is realized

Sarah and Nick Jensen
Something one learns as a parent is that children are often not rational in their behavior. When something happens that is not to their liking, they strike out in a variety of fashions, many of which do not line up ...

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A gay dad’s letter to Michelle Duggar

Michelle Duggar
The Duggars were not just a benign family in which a horrific situation unfolded. They were advocates and proponents, not just of their own “lifestyle”, but in attacking various personas within the LGBT community umbrella, my family being one such ...

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A gay dad draws protest from the school that cancelled a play about two gay penguins

As writers and activists enter the public discussions, they tend to adopt a style and way of communicating that works for them. For me, I am a gay dad who writes people letters in a very public way... ...

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Gay dad on the elementary school mob that cancelled a play about a gay penguin family

There was another significant hearing this week on Tuesday about same sex relationships and whether to ban them. ...

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A gay dad’s open letter to Dolce and Gabbana

Domenico Dolce (right) and Stefano Gabbana
Dolce and Gabbana are not Ben and Jerry. Ben and Jerry make ice cream fashionable, Dolce and Gabbana make icy fashions. Ben and Jerry are sweetly pro-LGBT and marriage equality. Dolce and Gabbana are rancid in their attacks on gay ...

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An open letter to the homophobic doctor and florist who humiliate LGBT families

God did not bring these couples to you so you could judge them. His intention was for you to experience your humanity by serving them. His intention was to enrich you. He failed. ...

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A gay dad’s letter to Austin Wallis, and the high school that rejected him

Austin Wallis (right) is comforted by his boyfriend, Nicolay.
The world of teens and tweens can be a treacherous one. As the dad to two 12 year olds, I see it as a world where childhood cushions and play have fallen away and new, somewhat complex challenges have emerged. ...

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