A gay dad sounds off on the Donald Trump penis flap

So, Marco Rubio’s campaign has — pardon the expression — petered out.

It may be the first time in history that a presidential attempt went down in flames around an attack of penises.

I guess they all do in a sense, but not in so many words.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate male physique and anatomy. That would define the “gay” part of being a “gay dad.”

I have a healthy appreciation. I don’t particularly like when male genitals are referred to as “junk”. I consider them anything but, and quite frankly, I find that label homophobic.

As I was growing up, I was told penises were no big deal; that “every guy has one” and “they are all the same.”

As a grown up, particularly one with great transgender friends and associates, I can tell you that neither of those statements are true.

I also know that many guys seem to like to talk about their penises. Over the course of the social media adventure, I have been a happy member — pardon the expression — of a number of online communities of men and dads. I’m on a couple of mostly straight guy communities, and another that’s made up of gay dads.

While the straight guy communities make frequent penis references, the gay dad group never does. And I mean NEVER.

That’s not to imply that all gay “community” sites are that way. There are obviously certain apps where people are more likely to represent themselves with an image of their intimate parts than their face. In the gay dad group, private parts are not what we’re about.

Ahhh… “private parts”… Remember when the penis was treated that way?

That is still the standard I have set with my sons, who are both 13 years old. I’ve raised them from birth and infancy after each was born to drug addicted parents.

Throughout. my goal has been to inspire self-worth, self-respect and a sense of dignity in them.

They understand that their bodies are private and worthy of protection. They also know to extend that respect and dignity to others.

It’s a lesson that apparently several of the GOP candidates of this season never got, or if they did, have chosen to ignore.

Here’s my letter to them.

Dear Mr. Rubio and Mr. Trump,

Gentlemen, and I use the term loosely, put your phallic allusions away.

I cannot imagine what you each sought to gain by going to the genitals, but whatever it was, you are not getting the rise from it that you had hoped.

In fact, for Mr. Rubio, it’s been less erection and more ejection.

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